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Stunning Black and Grey Realism by Oscar Akermo

Stunning Black and Grey Realism by Oscar Akermo

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This artist's portraiture and other realistic illustrations are out of this world.

Oscar Akermo's black and grey realism is some of the best in the world. He excels at rendering picture perfect depictions of people, animals, places, and things. His work is as pristine as it is detailed. Check out this astounding handful of some of his incredible portraits and other illustrations that blow our minds with just how real they look.

Whether portraits of people and animals or even alien abductions, Akermo's tattoos are all top-notch. Each one, for lack of a better word, is utterly flawless. We particularly love how he borders some of his subjects with flora and geometry as well. His style is great for pet portraiture as well; that illustration of Clyde, the corgi, is too cute.

Some of Akermo's best work diverges from realism's dependence on portraiture and aims to capture the spirit of place instead. In these wonderful tattoos, he illustrates figures, such as the roulette wheel or charging boar, in a way that makes them embody the fierceness of nature or the extravagance of Las Vegas. His little trip back in time to the first World's Fair is exquisite beyond words.

A photo of Oscar Akermo (IG-oscarakermo) laying down some of his excellent black and grey work on a client. #blackandgrey #OscarAkermo #portraiture #realism

We hope you were blown away as much as we were by Akermo's superb black and grey realism. If you want to see more of his work, some of which is in color, check out his Instagram. Also, should you be around NYC, he works out of Bang Bang Tattoos, so consider hitting him up for some astoundingly realistic body art.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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