Stunning Black and Grey Tattoos by Andy Blanco

Stunning Black and Grey Tattoos by Andy Blanco

Black and grey realism never fails to impress or inspire.

A master of black and grey tattoos, Andy Blanco, will have your mind blown!

Andy Blanco owns Lifestyle Tattoo Södermalm that actually ranks as one of the best tattoo shops in Europe. Blanco himself has an amazing black and grey style that draws on old school black and grey tattooing but also uses insane realism. The depth and shapes Blanco is able to create is just awesome and with a tattoo machine in hand there are few better than Blanco at what he does. Whether you're here for some amazing inspiration, to get a taste of black and grey tattooing or to simply see an amazing artist- you have certainly come to the right place. 

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All photos via Instagram.

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