Stunning Color Realism Tattoos by Just Shao

Stunning Color Realism Tattoos by Just Shao

Just Shao is a leader in the Chinese tattoo scene!

Color realism never fails to impress and the work of Just Shao proves that. 

Tattooing from Zhen Cang Tattoo in Shanghai, artist Just Shao has reputation respected around the world and a color realism style you're sure to fall in love with. Specializing in bold realism, Shao has talents many artists would dream of and he uses them to create great effects. The colors, shading, detail and composition are all flawless in Shao's tattoos.

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Currently booked up until next year, you'll sadly have to wait to get your own Shao tattoo. But don't worry- I've got you covered with an awesome selection of his work below!  

All images via Instagram.

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