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Stunning Geometric Dotwork by Mark Ostein

Stunning Geometric Dotwork by Mark Ostein

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

This young artist based out of Lisbon is skilled beyond his years.

Mark Ostein is an incredible tattoo artist originally from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. He now live and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Ostein is skilled dotwork artist who tattoos pretty much exclusively in blackwork. His tattoos almost always have a geometric element to them, with the main object existing within spheres and prisms. 

Ostein tattoos at Pure Luxary Tattoo Studio in Lisbon, but is currently taking it easy in the Ukraine, and will be back to work in Lisbon in 2017. Feel free to have a look at an earlier post written about Ostein, which features more of his unreal dotwork. And - make sure you check out the dope ass video at the bottom of this post, which showcases Ostein tattooing a shark on a woman's side ribs.

Check out this video of Mark tattooing a gorgeous shark on a woman's side ribs.

Images from Instagram.

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