Stunning Geometric Tattoos by Alvaro Flores

Stunning Geometric Tattoos by Alvaro Flores

Flawless patterns by an amazing artist- prepare to be wowed!

Alvaro Flores is killing it with these incredible geometric tattoos.

Big pattern work tattoos are in and the leader of the style is Alvaro Flores. Tattooing from Korpus Studio, Brunswick-Melbourne, Flores has truly mastered the geometric style and is killing it with a wide variety of pattern-inspired designs. Whether it's an epic chest piece, a big old back tattoo or a decorative hand design- Flores creates them and every piece is special! 

Embodying the best of bold and intricate geometric tattooing Flores' designs will only fuel your want for your own kickass pattern tattoo.

If you're lucky enough to be in Flores' neighborhood go ahead and get yourself a Flores tattoo, if you're not then don't fear because you can see more of Flores' awesome work on Instagram

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