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Stunning Tattoos with all the Colors of the Rainbow by Amy Autumn

Stunning Tattoos with all the Colors of the Rainbow by Amy Autumn

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The seasons may change, but the beauty of these tattoos by Amy Autumn remains the same.

These realistic flower and fauna tattoos are just jam-packed with life and colour.

UK-based artist Amy Autumn creates bright and brilliant nature tattoos. From capturing the gorgeously rich depth of roses, to evoking the multiple greens found in nature's leaves and grass, the skill of this tattooist is awe-inspiring. Her vibrant color palette shines through in all of her work. 

Botanical tattoo by Amy Autumn #AmyAutumn #botanical #flower #realism #colour

The texture, detail and colour Amy uses in her tattoos sets her apart from many other realism tattooist artists. These flowers and plants are anything but flat. Vivid shades breathe life into these still images and make them come to life.

Based at Sirens Cove Tattoo Parlour in Cannock (near Birmingham), you'll have to keep your eye on this young tattooist.

Beautiful Fineline Roses by Ed Taemets

Blue rose tattoo by Amy Autumn #AmyAutumn #rose #flower #realism #colour

Photos from Amy's Instagram.

Written byRebecca

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