Stylish Geometric Tattoos by Ash Boss

Stylish Geometric Tattoos by Ash Boss

Sophisticated patterns and flawless execution. Ash Boss has geometric tattooing on point.

Black dotwork is always a great source of tattoo inspiration, so strap in for some great tattoo ideas. 

Tattooing from Crown of Thorns, Chester, tattoo artist Ash Boss is highly regarded for his strong blackwork and gorgeous dotwork designs. Be it an animal head or patternwork sleeve- Boss kills it! His geometric tattoos are arguably his best work. Combining the best of his blackwork style and awesome dotwork technique, Boss' geometric designs are certainly cutting edge and make a fine addition to any tattoo collector. 

Pushing the geometric game to new levels in the UK, Boss is a tattooer you can count on to produce a clean tattoo every time as well as a tattoo that'll inspire further designs. Enjoy the masterclass of geometric tattooing below.

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All images via Instagram.

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