Stylized Black & Grey Beauties by Yuuz Tattooer

Stylized Black & Grey Beauties by Yuuz Tattooer

It's rare to see an artist create such graceful pieces of body art.

A vast majority of the time, floral tattoos are associated with color, both vibrant and pastel, considering that's how they appear in nature. But it’s not uncommon at all for artists specializing in black and grey to try their hand at depicting nature's charm. Yuuz Tattooer, an artist that works in both black and grey as well as color, is doing just that, and excelling at it!

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, Yuuz has a highly stylized approach to tattooing. Drawing influences from both illustrative as well as Irezumi styles, his pieces often use snakes, flowers, and parts of Irezumi style, like smoke, that are usually reserved for background content, and brings them to the forefront. With softer lines, and beautiful shading, the result is a darkly feminine Irezumi inspired piece that’s sometimes abstract and always incredible.

You can see some of Yuuz's color work here.

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