Sublime Watercolor Floral Tattoos by Aleksandra Katsan

Sublime Watercolor Floral Tattoos by Aleksandra Katsan

These cool and creative watercolor​ tattoos are like no other.

Kiev-based tattooist Aleksandra Katsan takes watercolor tattoos to the next level. 

Painting-like brush strokes and vivid natural colors create tattoos that are insanely stunning. The artist, who also goes by the name of DopeIndulgence, adds bold, black lines within delicate, pastel images to give these watercolor flower tattoos a unique edge. 

The jagged edges, blocks of white and dots of paint produce effects not often seen in watercolor tattoos. 

The swirling lace lines in these tattoos give the effect that the flowers are moving - it's little details like this, that set true artists apart from the rest... Aleksandra's art is truly thoughtful and original.

Earlier this year Tattoodo's Jen featured previous work by this artist. Check it out here.

All photos from Instagram 

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