Submarine Tattoos For the Loads of Seamen Serving Under the Waves

Submarine Tattoos For the Loads of Seamen Serving Under the Waves

Life on a submarine is probably really awful — why not celebrate that with tattoos?

We here at Tattoodo absolutely love seamen. We have a deep respect for all sailors the world over for several odd and deeply subconscious reasons, but those are neither here nor there. Let’s face it, we pride ourselves on being a totally extreme website and today we want to give a big Tattoodo shout out to the most totally extreme seamen – those serving on submarines. So we’ve got some wonderful submarine tattoos in tribute to those who would willingly live in close quarters under the sea.

We don’t really care where submarines came from, but we’ll tell you anyway. The first submarine that’s verifiable by historical record was made by the Dutch in 1620, the same year the pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and set sail to America above the surface of the ocean like a bunch of chumps. By the time the American Revolution came around, the submarine was ready for its first military application. The Turtle, a single person American submarine attacked The Eagle, the flagship of British Admiral Howe’s navy, proving yet again that America is number one and rocks super fucking hard.

Throughout the coming centuries the design of submarines steadily improved to accommodate more seamen and even nuclear reactors. By the World Wars, submarine warfare was all the rage. We could write endless articles detailing the bravery of those who served on submarines, but seeing as how reading more than 300 words at once is for nerds and chumps, we recommend you just watch a movie about submarines instead. Suggested titles include Das Boot, The Hunt For Red October, and Periscope Down.

So let’s all sink our eyes into these really cool submarine tattoos. And let’s give thanks to all of those who serve or have served on submarines. It doesn’t seem pleasant at all, spending weeks underwater knowing that if anything goes wrong you’re super duper fucked. It takes guts, bravery, and dedication – qualities which are all severely lacking in our office.

Don’t these submarine tattoos just make you want to stop smoking pot in your mom’s basement and join the navy? There’s a better life waiting for you under the sea.

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