Subtle Blackwork Tattoos by Ash Timlin

Subtle Blackwork Tattoos by Ash Timlin

Ash Timlin will wow you with her delicate blackwork tattoos.

Blackwork tattoos are always a welcome source of inspiration. 

Passage Tattoo, Toronto is a shop you should definitely check out, especially if you're after some delicate blackwork tattoos by the likes of Ash Timlin. A wonderful artist, Timlin is widely regarded for her delicate blackwork tattoos that combine traditional style with a beautiful black and grey look. With designs varying from bold old school images to elegant contemporary pieces, Timlin nails it with her clean black ink style. 

Filled with detail and intricate technique Timlin's work would make a fine addition to any tattoo collection so if you're in Toronto make sure you head over and get yourself a Timlin tattoo. For those not able to head straight to the artist you can still enjoy more of her awesome work on Instagram

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