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Sultry Plus Size Tattooed Model Kerosene Deluxe Is Reshaping Fashion

Sultry Plus Size Tattooed Model Kerosene Deluxe Is Reshaping Fashion

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This exclusive interview with tattooed model Kerosene Deluxe talks about how she is breaking the mold by helping reshape fashion

I first saw the stunning Miss Kerosene Deluxe while I was researching alternative models for my post about big tattooed gals and her photos just made my jaw drop! 

Every image I saw was full of seduction, confidence and to me real strong beauty. Big girls and body positive movements are a hot topic right now and I'm 100% certain this post will get a whole bunch of haters who can get real mean and nasty and outraged talking about the health issues around this controversial subject. But I also know the post will get a whole lot of positive comments and will inspire many people to love their bodies more- and that ladies and gents... is what Kerosene Deluxe is all about. 

Kerosene shows off her chest tattoo Photo by Shannon Brooke #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #tattoomodel #fetish #pinup #ShannonBrookeImagery

Kerosene Deluxe is a body-positive activist meaning "embracing your body regardless of its size and never to shame or insult another person's body, Real women are tall, short, thin, curvy, big, petite, muscular, athletic and everything in between."

Perhaps a thigh tattoo is next on Kerosene's wishlist? Photo by Danger Ninja Productions #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #tattoomodel #fetish #pinup #DangerNinjaProductions

Kerosene does not fit the usual model standard having a different body type, being much shorter than the average model and also being tattooed. She is challenging the industry and wants to reshape the fashion world to include more diversity. I spoke with her in a short interview about her career, plans and of course her is what she had to say. Enjoy!

Her tattoos have a touch of the traditional style in them Photo by Studio D #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #fetish #pinup #tattoomodel #StudioD

Sarah Calavera: Tell us about your first tattoos and what drew you towards getting inked.

Those tattoo sleeves set off her edgy look perfectly Photo by Jessica Rae #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #fetish #pinup #tattoomodel #JessicaRae

SC: How did your modelling career kick off?

Betty Page would be proud of his one she looks stunnin as a pinup girl Photo by Studio D #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #pinup #StudioD #tattoomodel

SC: What do you like about the pin-up style of modelling?

SC: Who inspires your modelling style and look?

SC: What moment do you think has been your biggest success so far?

SC: What has been your most difficult challenge?

Gorgeous pin-up stlye photography Photo by Jessica Rae #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #retro #pinup #tattoomodel #JessicaRae

SC: Do you have any plans for more tattoos in the near future?

The vixen in all her latex and tattooed glory grrrr! Photo by Tony Oz #KeroseneDeluxe #plusmodel #tattooedlady #model #fetish #pinup #tattoomodel #TonyOz

SC: What is coming next for Kerosene Deluxe?

You can follow Kerosene Deluxe on Facebook or check out her website. The documentary A Perfect 14 which features Kerosene Deluxe and two of her fellow plus sized models Elly Mayday and Laura Wells will be out later this year. The documentary takes a candid look at the fashion industry and the need for diversity in today's media and role models. I for one can't wait to see this documentary. You can find out more about the film here at this link. 

Sarah Calavera
Written bySarah Calavera

Skull obsessed tattoo fanatic, writer for Tattoodo, voice actor and visual artist who loves metal and headbanging. Inspired by Neil Gaiman, Tool, horror & the macabre.

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