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Summer Will Bloom Forever: Fantastic Floral Tattoos

Summer Will Bloom Forever: Fantastic Floral Tattoos

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In this collection of floral tattoos we show you how these everlasting blooms can be an awesome addition to any collection.

The thing about floral tattoos is that they are incredibly easy to fit in amongst other pieces, plus they're a great addition to any design. Flowers are powerful too, since they all have meaning of their own. Depending on the bloom you choose, each plant has it's own symbolism...but even flowers themselves symbolize growth, beauty, and a love for the natural world around us. And there are so many different ways that floral tattoos can be any style, any aesthetic, and any technique, a simple perennial can become an everlasting bud that you treasure for a lifetime.

That's part of the thing, too, right? A bouquet is usually kind of expensive...especially since most of the time, the flowers you buy at your local grocery store have been flown in from some gorgeous and lush tropical paradise. There are hot houses all over the globe. We can sometimes control the atmosphere of any space meaning that we can continue growing orchids even if it's the dead of winter in Norway....but that costs a lot! And what sucks is that as soon as you get that lavish floral arrangement home, usually they only last for a certain amount of time...why not save some cash and get some flowers that last forever?!

We have tons of inspiration for you when it comes to any different design icon of tattooing. Rose tattoos, birth month flower tattoos, chrysanthemum tattoos, and so much more....each collection hand picked to serve up the best in high quality tattooing. We love to support tattoo artists who are doing amazing things, even if it's tattooing a simple bloom for you. No matter how minimal, or how ornate, the tattoo inspiration and tattoo artists or studios you find on our site are, for sure, some of the best in the business. Because that's what we're passionate about...we always want you to get the best tattoos...and we also want to help you find the best artists...not to mention...we even want to help you care for your pieces long after they're new.

As Summer beats on, make sure you cover up your skin with some sunscreen! Your skin deserves the best in care, and especially if you're spending serious cash on your tattoo collection, you'll want to make sure they age like a fine wine...better and better as the days go on. Especially as tattooing continues to grow and expand its reach into mass media culture, that means more people are going to be getting tattoos...and it means that everyone kinda needs to step up their game when it comes to skin care! No getting lazy here folks...Sun damage is actually an insanely dangerous thing. A single sunburn does, actually, add to your chances of getting Melanoma: the most severe and serious type of skin cancer. We want you to live as long as your everlasting flowers! And we also want your tattoos to be cared for. If you have any doubts, check out our guide on how to care for your tattoo! We even have a guide specifically for protecting your pieces from the sun.

In this collection of floral tattoos we show you how these everlasting blooms can be an awesome addition to any collection. 

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