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Summertime Sadness: Cool Tattoos To Fend Off the Blues

Summertime Sadness: Cool Tattoos To Fend Off the Blues

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

In this collection of cool tattoos, we bring you some designs that are unique and outa this world...which may help to beat the heat.

That right: today we bring you some cool tattoos to fend off this blistering summer heat. In many areas of the globe people are finding themselves smack dab in the middle of the hottest days ever recorded...or at least, it surely feels like it. This heat wave has us hiding in our homes, cuddling air conditioners and sucking on popsicles like they were going out of style. The only way we know how to get through hellish hot days, is to distract ourselves with some of our favorite things: ridiculous rom coms (The Hangover and Forgetting Sarah Marshall), fresh n fruity tiki drinks (umbrellas included, of course) and, you guessed it, eye candy in the form of our favorite artistic expression.

So, of course, like we've explained before: cool tattoos is a matter of opinion, right? Cuz like Prince said, "Different strokes for different folks." But we hope you can appreciate these pieces for their particular je ne sais ce quoi...which is actually just French for "I don't know what." But it hints at that special quality, their stand out uniqueness...tattoos like this are our favorite because there are so many different tattooists out there these days creating incredible work like this...hence why we try to bring you themed tattoo articles daily: because it's just super hard to choose our favorites!

How did we pick these pieces, for example? What drew us to this fabulous examples of freakin awesome ink? Well...obviously, since it's hot out, there are just some designs we're naturally drawn to. Like ice cold drinks wafting the breeze of a thousand palms trees set against a landscape of gorgeous sparkling beaches. Or frosty mountains looming in the soft moonlight and glow of a million stars. Or perfect summer sports like skateboarding...all of these sort of click when you think of summer, right? But even Pawel Indulski's nod to Marla Singer's famed cameo in a freaky dream sequence is pretty on point. In the movie during this scene, she sits smoking a cigarette in a frigid icy cave taking the place of his real spirit animal: the giggling tubby penguin. Wouldn't mind being in that cave right about now, right?

We can also appreciate the cool tattoo that shows Betty Boop surrounded by a wall of fire contained within a perfectly pastel heart. It's pretty cute, and perhaps speaks more to the flames of burning desire rather than the flames of the sun which, every day, gets closer and closer to turning Planet Earth into a spinning sphere of acid rain and scorching red dust. Eh...we digress though. We basically feel like Betty Boop makes this hot as hell summer sort of cute...and she's kind of the ultimate pin up when it comes to short dresses. Which, we could also use right now. Actually, with this heat, we kind of have to wonder how people are wearing anything at all. You crazy kids you.

All that being said, we hope you enjoy this collection of tattoos meant to beat the summer swelter. We also hope you make sure to keep on sippin' tons of water. Staying hydrated is key to moments like this. Or know...key to staying alive at all. We can't always drink Gatorade or tequila and soda's, ya know? We also hope you remember to keep it cool by protecting your skin with sunscreen. Whether you have tattoos, or don't, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable summer! So slap on that creamy white guck all over and head to the beach. We'll see you there.

Written byTattoodo

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