Super Clean Traditional Bangers by Clinton Lee

Super Clean Traditional Bangers by Clinton Lee

Get ready for a lesson in how to create a perfect traditional banger.

There’s nothing better than a PERFECTLY clean tattoo. Obviously not in the scrub-a-dub-dub sense, but in how crisp the lines and color have been applied. It takes a true talent to create perfection in not only two dimensional pieces, but in works that have a sense of depth to them as well, not to mention the integral role that color plays in bringing a piece to life. Artist Clinton Lee of Roswell, Georgia's Ink & Dagger Tattoo is a prime example of this, leading the traditional pack with his perfectly clean pieces.

With a background in fine art, it’s no wonder why Lee’s a master of clean lines and perfectly applied color. Creating absolutely beautiful renditions of classic American traditional pieces, Lee’s fine art background becomes apparent upon further examination of his work. Evident in his bold lines, which look more like they’ve been applied via sticker than anything (because how else could something be so perfectly placed) and expert use of color, his knowledge of color theory and shading is what sets his work apart from the rest. From the perfect gradients of yellow seen in the leopard’s head, to the absolutely stunning teal wings of the swallow, Lee’s work is a textbook example of what a traditional banger should be.

You can see more of Lee’s work here.

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