Super Cool Traditional Style Tattoos By J.A. Watkins

Super Cool Traditional Style Tattoos By J.A. Watkins

This old time tattoo style just got a twist from an awesome artist.

J.A. Watkins kiss it with these traditional tattoos he's been doing lately, and I am super stoked to share them with you!

I am always on the lookout for exceptional tattooers out there so I can share with you guys their incredible work and inspire more great tattoos for the future. J.A. Watkins is one of the artists I want you guys to check out!

J.A. Watkins specializes in traditional western style tattoos. His compositions are reminiscent of the old school Americana tattoos that simply look great on skin, whatever the day and age may be. Without further ado here are some awesome tattoos by J.A. Watkins.

All photos and tattoos by J.A. Watkins @jay_blkmg

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