Super Manly Men Tattoos for You and Your Bros

Super Manly Men Tattoos for You and Your Bros

Sit down, get up, no, not there, over there, YEAH — it’s time for TATTOOS FOR MEN.

Are you a bro? Do you love a) the gym, b) your other bros, c) your other other bros, d) looking cool as fuck with hot tattoos on your body? Then sit down, shut up, and get ready for some real schooling, because it’s time for TATTOOS FOR MEN.

Some boys use the Bow Flex. Some grab that protein shake shit. Sure, any basic bro can do that but you’re ready for some real change. You want to take your body to the next fucking level. You’re ready for a permanent investment, and while you’re at it, you’re ready to prove you know how to take pain. It’s time for you to invest in some sick, sick ink.

You’re a sexually powerful creature you need to show it to the world. Peacock for those bitches. Show them you’re an alpha who takes what he wants when he wants it. The best way to do this has ALWAYS been tribal tattoos – a real man’s man’s tattoo. There’s nothing like sharp bold lines accenting the natural contours of your sculpted upper body to tell the world, “I’m here and I’m built to fuck.”

Tribal not your thing? Try a fucking skull tattoo. Skulls are always fucking tough, and I’d beat the ass of any fuccboi that says otherwise. There’s literally nothing out there more god damned manly than a skull tattoo.

Not into skulls or tribal? Well, it sounds like you’re a fucking dweeb, but that’s fine. If you’re a dude, you can literally do ANYTHING you want because sexism isn’t a thing for you. Men rule the world. Never fucking forget it. You can get a Hello Kitty tattoo if you want to, but because it’s on your manly budy, it’s fucking manly.

There are tons of sick areas of the body to get a tattoo when you’re a dude. Biceps are probably the best, because it draws a lady’s (or a dude’s, if that’s your thing, we don’t judge) attention to your most important physical characteristic. Never will anyone say “Does this dude even lift?” Of course you fucking do. Look at that fucking bicep tattoo.

Axe won’t cut it, that shit washes away. A nice trim at the barber is a good refresh, but really, you gotta go there every week. You need something more specific, more you, more once in a lifetime. You need TATTOOS FOR MEN.

It’s a lifetime guarantee. Just slather some sunblock on it at the beach and BOOM — you look hot, oily, AND you’re protecting your tattoo. TATTOOS FOR MEN makes sure you have what it takes. Take yourself to the next level. 

It’s an investment. It’s worth it. Your girl will love you, your bros will love you, you will love you. TATTOOS FOR MEN is for YOU, for your body, and will be sure to last.


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