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Superb Nordic Inspired Tattoos By Sean Parry

Superb Nordic Inspired Tattoos By Sean Parry

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Become a modern-day Viking with these fantastic Nordic and Celtic tattoos.

Beside looking like a Viking himself, tattoo artist Sean Parry creates badass tattoos inspired by Nordic and Celtic traditions. Originally from Wales, Parry is currently working at Meatshop Tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, like a true Scandinavian-inspired artist. Five years into his career, Parry creates freehand designs that pay a tribute to Nordic and Celtic arts. Parry's dotwork tattoos are intricate and impressive, and usually cover large areas of the body.

Overlapping knots, detailed work that mimics stone — Parry has managed to turn his clients skin into honorary Gaelic, Celtic, and Nordic art. Swing by his Instagram for more.

Written byJenTheRipper

Writer for art related medias. Fell in love with tattoo while researching for another passion, crime history. Travelling, admiring, sharing.

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