Superb Nordic Inspired Tattoos By Sean Parry

Superb Nordic Inspired Tattoos By Sean Parry

Become a modern-day Viking with these fantastic Nordic and Celtic tattoos.

Beside looking like a Viking himself, tattoo artist Sean Parry creates badass tattoos inspired by Nordic and Celtic traditions. Originally from Wales, Parry is currently working at Meatshop Tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, like a true Scandinavian-inspired artist. Five years into his career, Parry creates freehand designs that pay a tribute to Nordic and Celtic arts. Parry's dotwork tattoos are intricate and impressive, and usually cover large areas of the body. 

Overlapping knots, detailed work that mimics stone — Parry has managed to turn his clients skin into honorary Gaelic, Celtic, and Nordic art. Swing by his Instagram for more.

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