Superb Sketchy Abstract Tattoos by Rodolphe

Superb Sketchy Abstract Tattoos by Rodolphe

The sketchy illustrative tattoos of this Montreal-based artist are sure to impress and inspire!

To describe some artists, sometimes it's easier to explain what their tattoos aren't. In regards to the tattoos by Rodolphe, you won't find the bold outline of traditional tattoos, the rich ink of blackwork, nor the color saturation of realism tattoos. His tattoos are in the realm of sketch, illustrative, abstract, watercolor, brushstroke, and everything in-between.

Rodolphe shows great restraint and refinement in his tattoos. They're almost reminiscent of fashion house couture sketches - structured linework, shading and coloring to enhance that bring depth and dimension to the piece. 

If you're looking for something different for your next tattoo, Rodolphe is the man to see!

You can follow Rodolphe on Instagram for more sketch-style tattoo inspiration.

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