Surrealistic Blackwork Tattoos

Surrealistic Blackwork Tattoos

Using illustrative blackwork, these artists will warp your view of reality with their creative tattoos.

Surrealism has been a favorite genre of art ever since Salvador Dali imagined all the clocks of the world melting in a desert. There is something quite delightful about the way the art will play with your mind — the picture looks like it must be real but the imagery is more fit of a fever dream than this world. 

True fans of the absurd art can now wear their favorite surrealistic images on their skin with these surreal tattoos. One of the benefits of depicting surreal images in illustrative blackwork is that the outrageous imagery looks far more realistic than if it were in color. Often times bright colors, especially in tattoos, can give away that you are merely looking at an illustration. Using only black ink, stippling, and a load of creativity, these tattoo artists are melding the line between fantasy and reality. 

So even when you are looking at something outlandishly bizarre — like a chicken getting ready to be launched into space — it has an air of credibility to it. Get ready to have your mind warped and bent by these phenomenal surrealism blackwork tattoos. 

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