Sweet and Subtle Tattoos by Hanki Park

Sweet and Subtle Tattoos by Hanki Park

Hanki Park has a delicate style that's sure to inspire!

Proving once again why Korea is becoming a tattoo powerhouse the work of Hanki Park is awesome.

While the social boundaries of tattooing in Korea are still somewhat blurred the country is nonetheless producing some of the finest contemporary tattooers the world has to offer, and Hanki Park is one of them. With a delicate style Park's tattoos focus on subtle detail and fine lines, and while they're mainly blackwork Park occasionally throws in touches of watercolor to brighten things up. 

A contemporary artist at the forefront of Korea's rising tattoo industry Park is an artist to watch out for. Get to know his style and designs below...

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Go give Hanki a follow on Instagram for more of the same modern brilliance.  

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