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Sweet Decorative Tattoos by Sami Locke

Sweet Decorative Tattoos by Sami Locke

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Escape to a tattooed world full of cute and whimsical creations.

Sami Locke is a tattoo artist working out of Whiskey Lane Tattoo Co. o the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

Owl and stag neo traditional piece by Sami Locke. #neotraditional #deer #stag #bird #owl #flowers #SamiLocke

Locke's tattoos have a traditional and neo traditional influence with a whimsical aesthetic. She takes all the beauty in the world, like animals and flora, things we enjoy like movies and music, and creates tattoos which can take us to our happy place. 

Kitty pet portrait by Sami Locke. #heart #cat #portrait #petportrait #neotraditional #SamiLocke

Flowers are a common theme in most of her pieces. They really complete a tattoo, adding a decorative element to either the background or foreground, and tying various elements together. 

The sweet sentiments represented in Sami Locke's tattoos will pull at your heart-strings. 

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Gramophone and flowers tattoo by Sami Locke. #traditional #flowers #gramophone #SamiLocke

All photos by Sami Locke. 

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