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Swimming in the Deep: Fantastic Fish Tattoos

Swimming in the Deep: Fantastic Fish Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Silky smooth and graceful fins make up this collection of fantastic Fish Tattoos.

Animal tattoos, in general, are an on-going trend that we at Tattoodo really appreciate. These fish tattoos are perfect examples that the human connection to animal life, fauna and flora too, will never completely disappear. Sometimes, especially in a big city covered in concrete, it's hard to remember how influential nature can be. We tend to get wrapped up in the stress of work so much that we forget how centering a day at the beach, or in the forest, can be. Sunning yourself in a meadow full of flowers sounds kind of mushy, but maybe forgetting your cares for the day is exactly what you need!

You may be a water sign of the zodiac, or a lover of nature, or huge into camping n fishing, but regardless of the reason these fish tattoos really resonate with a whole lotta people. For those of you who are water signs, the fish is a symbol of your spirit're emotional and fluid, and sometimes really hard to pin down. For lovers of nature, the fish is a beautiful emblem of wide outdoor spaces and quiet pensive places. Trout fishers, and deep sea divers...lovers of water sports may find the fish to also be a design that speaks to your deepest passions.

This collection of fish tattoos just goes to show how many people love those silvery little buggers swimming in the seas, lakes, and oceans of this gorgeous planet. From anglers to pufferfish to goldfish and more, fish tattoos are becoming iconic. After all, koi have been a mainstay of Irezumi for ages. If you love nature as much as we do, and you have a tattoo to prove it, let us know! Send it over! We love to see your tattoos, and if you log onto our app, you can upload pieces that inspire you, ink that you own, and find new artists to continue your collection. 

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