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Swimming in the Deep With Ocean Life Tattoos

Swimming in the Deep With Ocean Life Tattoos

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These ocean life tattoos will have you grabbing for your snorkeling gear and jumping into the waves.

Little fishes, big whales, sweet mermaids, and a whole lotta waves....this collection of ocean life tattoos is an homage to the natural world of water. If you ever took marine biology in school you know that the layers of the ocean are vast...and the life cycles it supports is almost unending. Even to this day scientists are still discovering new life forms. Perhaps some of our favorite ocean life tattoos include ones of Angler fishes, sting rays...we have yet to see bioluminescent tattoos...perhaps theres someone out there doing UV ink who wants to send us some weird fishes with secret colors.

Ocean life tattoos are interesting because it certainly says something about a person, no matter what tattoo they get speaks a little bit about who they are and what their interests are, whats important to them. Perhaps people get ocean life tattoos because they care greatly about our oceans and the ecological danger they're in, or perhaps they get them because fish, octopi, sharks...even barnacles, are seriously cool. Octopi are actually the world smartest invertebrate. In fact, some scientists say they are just as intelligent as our beloved golden retrievers. They are literally the best creatures...with a great sense of humor and smarts to match. Don't believe us? Check out the Upworthy article about the 13 most intelligent things humans have witnessed them do!

These ocean life tattoos celebrate all the lovely watery goodness that surrounds our lands. Props to the ocean for existing and supporting literally all life. For what would we be without water? Actually...if we're talking fresh water, and not ocean, you could just check out Waterworld. Some people talk smack, but that Kevin Costner movie is the bees knees. Or the fishes sweater. Whatever dumb pun idiom thing you can think of. Waterworld. Check it.

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