Take A Trip to Scenic Hell with Rob Borbas

Take A Trip to Scenic Hell with Rob Borbas

While we're a little scared about what may be lurking in his mind, the art that it becomes is tremendous.

We couldn’t say for sure why we’re so drawn to macabre work. Maybe it’s because there’s something beautiful about the wild and savage nature of the dead, dying, or particularly gruesome, or maybe it’s just because we’re all freaks who have been sprouted from Lucifer’s left temple, much like Athena to Zeus. But regardless of our staff’s unsubstantiated demonic origins, the one thing we do know is that Rob Borbas makes some fucking rad horror pieces. 

Whatever your fancy, he’s got a little something for everyone. Innocent birds impaled with sewing scissors? Check. Multiple homages to our goat footed Father? Check. Some sort of ominous Sirius Black animagus look alike that is 100% here to rip the flesh from your bones? Check. We’re all going to hell, friends, and Borbas is taking you with us.

Tattooing out of Budapest, Borbas’ work is defined by its incredibly fine lined details. Illustrative at heart, the subjects of his work are entirely frightening. Horned demons with tongues that split at the end like a lizard’s, conjoined owls, and some sort of malicious creature with the head of a wolf and the body of a falcon make up the majority of his work. Incredible shading techniques and a brilliant use of negative space are what breathe demonic life into Borbas’ monsters, but the impeccable line work and unrivaled characterization are what sets Borbas’ work apart from the rest. We’ve tried to wrap our minds around just how he manages to concoct these hellish creatures, but the only logical explanation we can arrive at is that he’s most likely gone to the other side and lived to tell the tale. Just kidding, we hope.

So if you’re in Budapest and looking to snag an appointment, we’d say your best bet is following him on Instagram where he’ll be posting about when books are re-opening for 2017. Fear not, because as we all learned from Salem, the Devil rewards his loyal followers.

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