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Take An Adventure With Teresa Sharpe

Take An Adventure With Teresa Sharpe

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The winner of "Best Ink" Season Two has been creating some seriously beautiful neo-traditional pieces lately

You may remember Teresa Sharpe as the winner of season two of Best Ink. It comes as no surprise to anyone that she’s shot to such fame, garnering nearly 300K Instagram followers alone, as her neo-traditional work pretty much speaks for itself. Solidly built with expertly layered color, her tattoos are true works of art. Varied in subject and ranging in everything from animals to space, and even the occasional portrait, we have noticed an underlying theme in Sharpe’s work — adventure. From her ode to the Death Star to the daring mouse’s tiny fingers, there’s an undeniable boldness and sense of adventure to her work.

Big Bad Wolf by Teresa Sharpe (via IG-teresasharpeart) #neotraditional #teresasharpe #bestink #color

Tattooing out of Unkindness Art in Richmond, Virgina — where she also happens to be co-owner — Sharpe’s neo-traditional work takes on the usual subjects of the genre like animals and beautiful women, but instead of illustrating them at face value, her characters take on an unexpected sense of courage. They actually remind us of a cross between a Don Bluth film and possibly one of Tim Burton’s works. Her animals, both large and small seem to be on some sort of mission, or in a race to save the world from the inevitable forces of evil, while her human protagonists take on an ethereal, otherworldly tone much like that of Edward Scissorhands or Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. Behind each piece is a heightened sense of danger as well as assurance that not all is lost, that there is still hope.

If you want to book an appointment with Sharpe, you better get in line. Her tattoos are in high demand, but if she likes your idea you stand a pretty fair chance, and to be honest, a road trip down the east coast doesn’t sound so bad right about now.

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