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Taking a Trip to Roswell: Awesome Alien Tattoos

Taking a Trip to Roswell: Awesome Alien Tattoos

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These alien tattoos may be sci fi to some, but they are real life to others. Think you know everything? Think again.

We hope that you're the type of person to have, at least once in your life, contemplated the idea that life may exist on other planets. Maybe you grew up watching Unsolved Mysteries and happened upon that particular part of the series where alien abductions are reenacted, or maybe you love Blink 182 and followed Tom DeLonge's search for proof that life does in fact exist on other planets....or maybe you just love sci fi and aliens. For some people belief isn't a leap of faith, it's a no brainer. Whatever category you fit into, and that includes disbelief altogether, we hope you dig these alien tattoos no matter what.

So, for those of you who don't believe...we get it. Humans are totally wrapped up in the idea that they are the smartest, most advanced creatures ever to exist. We're so self involved that we put our needs before the needs of any other life form, including Planet Earth...just check out those stats on how long our resources may run out. But if you've studied the galaxy at all, you probably know that the probability of alien lifeforms is actually really high. According to, "The Drake Equation is used to estimate the number of communicating civilizations in the cosmos, or more simply put, the odds of finding intelligent life in the universe." And although these alien tattoos may not use any equation, it's certainly true that the people inked with "believe" may have looked into this before...

Take into consideration also that there are other planets that are "habitable" by human standards...clean air, water, soil that could sustain life. The Drake Equation takes a tons of things and multiplies these variables, things like habitable planets, the number of planets in a solar system, and more...apparently 20 percent of solar systems has planets that could host other life forms...obviously, we can't give you all the information out there that should, in fact, totally blow your mind and maybe push you to believe (just like some of these rad alien tattoos tout) but if you're into it...definitely do the research. Space is a crazy place.

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