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Talented Karmely Sõrmus and Her New Traditional Style

Talented Karmely Sõrmus and Her New Traditional Style

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Meet the beautiful and talented tattoo artist Karmely Sõrmus from Estonia!

Karmely Sõrmus is only 19-year-old but she sure knows how to create outstanding new traditional style tattoos and drawings.

Beautiful deer embedded with a diamond by Karmely Sõrmus #deer #deertattoo #diamond #handtattoo #crystal #newtraditional #karmelysõrmus #neotraditional

Karmely's designs include modernized images of animals, birds, insects and everything else related to the symbols of traditional tattooing- you just have to pick! Her new traditional aka neo traditional tattoos are outlined with bold black lines and the additional use of bright colors give that extra spiritedness. I think she is definitely living up to her tagline - "Art is perfection" by creating perfect tattoo designs in her own creative way.

And, of course, I have to share her pretty stunning new traditional style inspired drawings:

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All images via Instagram.

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