Tales From Earthsea: Powerful Dragon Tattoos

Tales From Earthsea: Powerful Dragon Tattoos

There are just as many folk tales and legends of dragons as there are dragon tattoos, and we're not mad about it at all.

Okay, so Tales From Earthsea is this really awesome book full of essays and fantasy stories by Ursula K Le Guin...an incredibly rad sci fi writer who was also an anarchist and bad ass feminist. Basically, she's one of our heroes. Then, Hayao Miyazaki, creator of the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli, made a really sweet movie out of it that we totally love. What the heck does all of this have to do with these dragon tattoos? Not much really, except that Tales From Earthsea is all about a world where dragons exist and magic is the norm.

These dragon tattoos could be from fantasy worlds like that of Earthsea, but really there are so many legends, fairy tales, and folklore surrounding dragons that they could be coming from anywhere. They also span literally every culture in every era of human life...which is cool, since, if you think about it, the people with these dragon tattoos could either by heavy into Mulan or Merlin. Who the heck knows or cares? These pieces are totally awesome...theres something about dragon tattoos that just spells out cool. They're just so freakin brutal and bad ass.

So, excuse us while we binge watch the Mists of Avalon and pretend to live in a world where these mighty beasts still rule the sky, seas, and mountains. Check out this collection of cool dragon tattoos...we brought in everything from traditional to illustrative and even really weird surreal stuff from Dadstabs. Hey Mike, thanks for doing the strange thangs ya do. As per the usual we hope that this collection sparks your interests and keeps your inspired for your next piece. Hit us up if you ever need to find the perfect artists or shop for your dream tattoo...if you can think it, and even if you cant, we can make it happen!

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