Tantalizing Blackwork Tattoos by Alex Underwood

Tantalizing Blackwork Tattoos by Alex Underwood

Dark illustrative designs are what you get with the awesome Alex Underwood.

Blackwork tattoos are meant to impress, and those of Underwood certainly do just that. 

Tattooing from Rock'N'Roll Tattoo, Glasgow, artist Alex Underwood is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the best blackwork artists in the UK. Tattooing full time since February 2015 Underwood is getting better with every tattoo and has certainly become an artist you need to know! With a dark, illustrative blackwork style Underwood creates beautiful black tattoos that have an intriguing depth to them. 

Also drawing on elements of dotwork Underwood has formed their own killer blackwork style and you'll be more than impressed with the results. Get a taste of their work below! 

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