Tantalizing Traditional Tattoos by Italian Artist Pablo De

Tantalizing Traditional Tattoos by Italian Artist Pablo De

Pablo De's traditional style tattoos are bold, bright, and exciting.

We aim to give you a truly global tattoo experience here at Tattoodo, and we gotta to say: Italian tattoo artists are really bringin' it. Pablo De, working out of Tattoo Lifestyle in the seaside city of Livorno, has a fantastic and unique grasp on traditional tattooing. His work puts a unique spin on traditional imagery, while maintaining a bold, classic style. Filled with character, color and charm, the tattoos of Pablo will brighten your day.

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Pablo De has a fun twist on the usual in his tattoos. Combining archetypal imagery with comic book style angles and bizarre tropes, Pablo De brings a refreshing angle to traditional tattoos. Swing by his Instagram for more.

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