Tapestry Collective: Tattoo Flash Event Fundraiser!

Tapestry Collective: Tattoo Flash Event Fundraiser!

This Friday Toronto based tattoo studio Tapestry Collective will be holding a tattoo flash event that raises funds for a rape crisis centre.

On Friday, September 13th, Tapestry Collective, a Toronto based tattoo collective run by trans and gender-queer tattoo artists, will be hosting a tattoo flash event in hopes of raising funds for TRCC/MWAR: the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and Multicultural Women Against Rape

This will be the first group flash day for Tapestry Collective, held from 12-7 in their new home at 888 Dupont St #112 in Toronto, with all proceeds going directly to TRCC/MWAR



888 DUPONT ST - Unit 112


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With a philosophy deeply based in inclusivity and progressive compassion, the efforts of Tapestry Collective are mindful of the aspiration to eliminate hate and violence through radical acts of kindness. We cannot possibly inspire change all on our own, so collective community projects like this flash event are intrinsically necessary to evolve the places around us into safe spaces while also encouraging others to do what they can through art and connectivity. 

Originally run only by volunteers TRCC/MWAR was established on February 14th, 1974. The mission was immediately, and urgently, about the liberation and empowerment of womxn. “TRCC/MWAR is a grassroots, women and non-binary run collective working towards a violence-free world by providing anti-oppressive, feminist peer support to survivors of sexual violence through support, education and activism...We now have three counseling rooms; a large community space as well as a child care room. The community at large can access our space for groups, meetings and social events.” And although these days the organization has seven full-time staff members, with 150 dedicated volunteers, there are always obstacles and struggles. Funds from tattoo flash events of this nature not only support TRCC/MWAR to continue doing what they need to do in order to care for the people who need them most, but it also directly helps victims of sexual crimes. 

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For those who are not only interested in covering their bodies with the best of fine art tattooing, but also hopeful to be an ally within social justice and socio-political activism, tattoo flash events are the perfect time to get involved. This is especially inherent when tattoo artist collectives like Tapestry give all proceeds directly to the organization they hope to support.

The statistics of sexual violence globally are heart breaking, and mind numbing, and sometimes it can feel absolutely overwhelming...According to statistics from 2012, there are 460,000 sexual assaults in Canada every year, but keep in mind that only 5% of survivors report to police making accurate stats nearly impossible. However, “one in three women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime.” which is only one reason, one statistic, that proves why organizations like TRCC/MWAR vital to the health and happiness of the community. 

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo from Tapestry Collective, make sure to head to their studio at 888 Dupont St #112 in Toronto from 12-7 on September 13th, 2019. And if you want to support TRCC/MWAR even further, be sure to reach out and become a volunteer. Every helping hand, every reassuring smile, every word of empowerment, is one more step to emotional healing and transformation.

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