Tassio Bacelar's Fantastic Minimalist Tattoos

Tassio Bacelar's Fantastic Minimalist Tattoos

This artist makes extremely clean fine-lined tattoos.

Tassio Bacelar demonstrates how tattoos don't need to be massive to be impressive. Using fine lines and carefully measured stippling, he makes incredibly refined pieces of illustrative and ornamental blackwork. He also has a knack for spelling out simple yet elegant cursive tattoos. Regardless of whether he's working with text or tiny images, his body art shows how sometimes it's the delicate things that move us most.   

Bacelar's pieces are considerably sophisticated for how small they are. When he's not working with just text, he tends to pack a number of techniques into his tattoos. In any given one of them, you'll find precise linework, some heavier shading, and a dash of stippling. Though mixing together all of these elements, Bacelar achieves an aesthetic that is at once fragile and powerful on the body.

Bacelar creates a wide range of imagery using his minimalist approach to blackwork, ranging from minute symbols like hearts and arrows to majestic animal portraits. A lot of the iconography that he tends to work in hails from eastern cultures. Thumbing through his portfolio, you'll see mystical imagery such as lotuses, Hamsas, yin-yangs, and more.

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To see more of Bacelar's fine-lined little beauties, swing by his Instagram. If you want get a delicate symbol or a special phrase scrawled out in cursive, he works at Rangel Tattoo Studio in Salvador, Brazil.

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