Tastefully Vivid Traditional American Style Tattoos by Ozzy Ostby

Tastefully Vivid Traditional American Style Tattoos by Ozzy Ostby

We're taking back old school with California-based tattoo artist Ozzy Ostby's traditional American style tattoos. Check out his sweet feed!

If you ever find yourself in Venice Beach, make the most of your California trip by getting a true blue traditional tattoo with one of the finest tattooers in the are. 

Golden State represent is El Segundo native, Ozzy Ostby and his solid traditional American style tattoos — served as bold and as OG as trads can get. The tattoo artist from sunny Venice Beach has over eleven years of experience in tattooing and has been a Californian soul through and through, tattooing ever since within the state. Catch him at House of Ink along 8 Brooks Avenue in Venice Beach.

Traditional American style tattoo by Ozzy Ostby. #OzzyOstby #traditionalamerican #trads #traditional #butterfly #handjammer

For the time being, feast your eyes on his tasteful feed featuring black and white photos splashed with shocks of colors by putting the spotlight on his vivid works. You'll see staple pieces like sailor women, pin ups, roses, and more unconventional stuff like multi-colored roses and a gentleman ‘eating out.’

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