Tattoo Artist Mimsy Gleeson's Epic New Comic Book

Tattoo Artist Mimsy Gleeson's Epic New Comic Book

Who knew graphic novels and cutesy tattoos could work so well together?

I'm head over heels in love with Mimsy Gleeson's tattoos. Their cutesy-pink-pop-cartoon style is like nothing I've ever seen before. This talented tattooist creates artwork filled with life and colour.

The Australian-based tattooist and owner of Trailer Trash Tattoo in Brisbane has also recently taken on an exciting new venture - comic books. Graphic novels and girly tattoos are two of my favourite things, and Gleeson effortlessly merges them together. I'm super excited to watch the progress of this artistic project.

Mimsy is currently crowdfunding in order to raise the dolla to make her story Lulu and the Villian come to life. She says: "The creation of my first comic is my absolute passion in life right now, and I'm putting ALL of my energy and love into every single meticulously hand painted page. But I need your help!"

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Her vibrant tattoos are animated artworks that tell a story, and I have no doubt that her comic book will do the same and more. 

So what's the comic book about? "Evil blue villain with laser tattoo removal weapon chases cute kitty tattoo lady, to seek revenge, travels through time and space to track Lulu down, all because of a mid 90s lower back tattoo incident (in a nutshell)" said Mimsy on her Instagram. Epic. 

I have featured this amazing artist and her work before: Sparklingly Girly Tattoo Flash and Designs By Mimsy Gleeson

Follow Mimsy Gleeson and her comics on Instagram. You can support Mimsy's project online now.

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