Tattoo Artist On Hiatus: Gouache Paintings by Cassandra Frances

Tattoo Artist On Hiatus: Gouache Paintings by Cassandra Frances

While on hiatus, tattoo artist Cassandra Frances is currently making beautiful flash tattoo paintings in gouache.

UK-based tattoo artist Cassandra Frances has a lot going on for her in the tattoo industry. She was tattooing at End Times Tattoo in Leeds and appearing on the cover of tattoo magazines like Things & Ink

Gouache painting by Cassandra Frances. #CassandraFrances #painting #flash #fineart #tattooart #heart

Bloggers and tattoo enthusiasts alike love her for her warm personality and quality tattoos. But this year, she decided to take some time off from doing what she loves the best to explore more of herself as an artist without veering away too far from the art form. 

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Using watercolors and pencils, Cassandra have been making a series of lovely designs with the more solid hues of gouache. She's been creating such lovely designs with toned down hues and pastels, illustrating classic designs in neo traditional. Cassandra worked in a classic neo traditional style before, but she seems to be taking it up a notch with finer lines, a non-traditional color palette, and alternative staple designs. 

Gouache painting by Cassandra Frances. #CassandraFrances #painting #flash #fineart #tattooart #heart #woman

She is definitely one to watch out for and I can't wait to see these things drawn on skin!

See the rest of her paintings here.

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