Tattoo Artist Profile Guide: Better Business, Better Art

Tattoo Artist Profile Guide: Better Business, Better Art

In this guide we show you how to perfect your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile by tagging pictures, setting up your location, and more!

In this guide to creating the best tattoo artist profile within the Tattoodo App, we talk about what aspects of your work to focus on and promote so that new clients can find you. Although we totally get that spending time on these things sometimes feels like a distraction, it’s totally necessary so that you have better visibility which leads to better clients! 

Think of it this way: set up your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile now, so that your business runs smoothly and you can concentrate on making amazing artwork more. Visibility and promotion are so important in the industry now, especially with the amount of tattoo artists and studios these days, and this is what we help you with: directly connecting you with clients no matter where you may be. Building a better business takes time, but we certainly help take the pressure off so you can aim your attention at more important making awesome tattoos.

Add Your Portfolio:

The first step to getting great clients via the Tattoodo App is adding your portfolio. It doesn’t need to be hundreds of pictures; you just need to upload your top ten favorite pieces of your career. Of course, you can always post more, and continually update it when you come out with new work you love, but this isn’t about “likes”...this is about immediately promoting your high quality abilities through your best tattoos. Try to choose tattoos that really capture your style, your work ethic, and concepts that you really excel at. This will make sure that you get clients who love your work specifically for the unique qualities you have to offer. 

Adding a portfolio to your Tattoodo App profile also ensures that the Tattoodo algorithm will favor you...unfinished profiles don’t get promoted much because they’re unfinished! It just makes sense! Artists with five or more tattoos in their portfolio rank higher in our, you can always be sure that you will be able to build trust and respect simply by putting your best artwork upfront. That's a huge part of how you get new clients: a mind-blowing portfolio. 

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Hashtagging the tattoo photos you upload is important: it's one of the ways clients will find your work!

Hashtag Portfolio Images:

Another huge piece of your portfolio is tagging the photos that you upload!! We cannot stress this enough!! You’ll notice that we have an insane archive of tattoo inspiration and images...people access this by searching for terms that they want to have tattooed...things like “skull tattoo” or “chest tattoo”. These are things you want to tag your tattoos with. We always think you should tag: what the tattoo is (wolf, cat, landscape, portrait, etc.), what style the tattoo is in (illustrative, Blackwork, Traditional, etc.) and what body part is tattooed (arm tattoo, sleeve, chest piece, etc.). You can even add tags that include your location, communities that you are a part of, things like "cute", "tiny tattoo", and more. It's totally up to you.

Make sure that the tattoos you upload to your portfolio are shown at their absolute best: no annoying background, focus in on the tattoo (portrait mode is great here), do not use a ton of heavy filters, and if you’re worried about redness: spritz the tattoo with witch hazel once the piece is finished and wait five minutes. Wipe off any excess reside, then snap a pic and upload. You can find more advice on taking perfect pictures here: 7 Tips + Tricks to Improve Your Artist Portfolio

Adding a workplace on your profile will ensure that you get local exposure and show up in city specific searches.

Add Your City and Studio:

This is another huge part of your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile: your location. Adding a workplace on your profile will ensure that you get local exposure and show up in city specific searches. This means clients looking for a tattooist in the area you work in will be able to find you because your profile has this tiny piece of important info! 

Hop into the Tattoodo App under your artist log in and you’ll see the Profile button on the bottom right. Click that and then immediately click Profile again when the next page loads. This will take you into a space where you can make edits to everything we’ll talk about here: your bio, your styles, and even your location. 

To add your location, simply go into your profile and tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Hit "edit", then scroll down and you'll see at the bottom "City". Click that and you can either choose "nearby" for geo-location or you can manually enter in your city base. Clicking the little pen to the left of “Workplaces” allows you to add studios that you are a resident at. 

We also get that many tattooists are constantly traveling, and you don’t want to be updating your location every five seconds….that being said, as soon as you set up a ton of guest spots around the globe, you can also add these studios under “Workplaces” in your Tattoodo App profile. All you have to do is hit the toggle to the right next to “Are you a guest artist?” once you’ve added the tattoo shop you’ll be guesting at. You can even fill in the dates when you’ll be there. This is just another way to be able to travel and never have to worry about finding someone to take those empty slots in your calendar!

Adding the styles you do helps clients find you while searching for that particular aesthetic.

Pick Your Style:

You’ll notice that as you’re building out your tattoo artist profile in the Tattoodo App that there is a section where you can choose styles you do. This is an important part of your profile because it’s another way that you’ll be seen by relevant clients. Everyone who gets tattooed usually has a preferred style, or a few different styles, and their search history reflects that. People who love heavy Blackwork tribal tattoos are usually not going to be checking out cute watercolor animals, right? So choose the styles you do, and clients who are searching for tattooists will be able to find you when their looking for the perfect artist to create their dream tattoo. The more information you give people, the better chances you’ll have in making them feel comfortable and confident in choosing you. 

This also goes along with your portfolio...your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile should have a portfolio that reflects your style, so keep this in mind.

The more information you give people, the better chances you’ll have in making them feel comfortable and confident in choosing you.

Fill Out Your Bio:

Again, the more information you give, the better your business will be. Tattooing can have so many details like pricing, location, deposits, specific styles, studios you guest at, studios you are a resident at...on and on and on. We totally get that. We also know that you probably get a specific set of questions from clients over and, best bet is to answer all those questions right off the bat in your bio. You’ll also notice that bio’s with a lot of good keywords rank well: this is no accident.

A good bio will include your location, your styles, and maybe your background or something special about the way you work. Maybe it’ll include your philosophy or mission with tattooing...whatever you want to share with the world about your work right up front. 

Once your profile is completed, your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile will perform better which means more exposure for you and your incredible work. You’ll show up in style and city searches, clients will be able to find you easily, and you’ll also have the option to enable ‘Direct Bookings’ which means that clients will be able to request consultations and appointments with you via your Tattoodo profile. 

Check out this awesome bio example from Jacob Wiman:

“I'm a second generation tattooer brought up in a small town in the south of Sweden. I was taught by my father and worked at his shop up until I moved to Malmö in 2015. I started working with Peter Lagergren at his shop, Malmö Classic Tattooing.”

Short, sweet, and to the point. It doesn’t have to get crazy...but it’s always great for the clients to know a little bit about the person behind those outstanding portfolio pics. 

Streamline and empower your business with Tattoodo Pro.

Tattoodo Pro:

Last, but far from least, we want to mention that it may be a good idea to check and see if you think Tattoodo Pro is for you. There are tons of tattoo artists out there who are using it to streamline and empower their business. 

Take Jones Larsen, for instance, who has some straight forward advice about how well the app works for him, "I see engagement when I travel from Tattoodo. I was traveling to Amsterdam and had around 14 messages about getting a tattoo. Next time I’ll be prepared and just book it out through the app. Being able to do the bookings online as well and for them to do the makes it way easier. In a few clicks they are all set up with an appointment. It used to be so many messages but now that’s gone. You have a new message or you have a request. Go online and click; replying is so easy. I had this guy this morning. He's like: Yeah, found you on Tattoodo."

We know tattooists and tattoo studios don't always think to ask where people found out about them...but in the digital age, you can bet that Tattoodo is at the forefront of getting you new business, better clients and increased visibility. With over 3 million users on our platform, we're not just a fantastic global booking platform, we're the world's number 1 tattoo community. Thank you for being a part of it. 

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