Tattoo Artists Use Their Trade to Stand with Standing Rock

Tattoo Artists Use Their Trade to Stand with Standing Rock

Artists around the country are tattooing people, with the proceeds going to the people of Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

The Standing Rock Indian Reservation has become quite a controversial area in North Dakota. The people of Standing Rock are currently mired in a battle with the government to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is said to threaten the reservation's water supply. 

Many people around the country have joined in on the protest, engaging in civil disobedience, signing petitions, and intentionally getting themselves arrested. People of all creeds and colors are showing their support for the people of Standing Rock, and now tattoo artists are getting into the act.

The Parlour Hair & Ink tattoo shop in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, is giving people symbolic tattoos to show their support for the people of Standing Rock, with a portion of the proceeds going to Standing Rock. Other tattoo artists around the country are being encouraged to give people symbolic tattoos and donate the proceeds to charity to support the Indian Reservation, which could be severely damaged with the completion of the Dakota Pipeline.

Standing Rock supporters are being tattooed with a design created by Stephanie Big Eagle, a descendent of Oceti Sakowin, of the Great Sioux Nation, which shows a bird flying above water. The owner of Parlour, Erica Zunigha Magee, said “it symbolizes that person is a water protector.”

Luckily, The Parlour isn't the only tattoo shop offering this deal, as many tattoo shops are participating in donating to the cause. Plus, tons of people have already gotten the tattoo to show they stand in solidarity with the people who will be affected in during the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Stephanie Big Eagle's soon to be iconic design has been tattooed on hundreds of people already. Idle Hands Tattoo Shop claims to have already done over 50 tattoos of the design while raising around $4,000. Dia Moeller of The Boston Tattoo Company posted on Instagram several of the #NoDAPL tattoos she did, and said she was able to raise about $600 for the fund.

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Look for more of these support-style tattoos to pop up in the coming weeks, as the pipeline protest is set to only get more heated in the future. Standing Rock is an area of serious contention, and it doesn't seem like the conflict is going to be resolved any time soon.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, there is a GoFundMe page available that will go a long way in terms of helping these Sioux tribes keep their home and water undisturbed by the construction of this pipeline.

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