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Tattoo History — Cash Cooper's Old School Tattooing

Tattoo History — Cash Cooper's Old School Tattooing

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Cash Cooper is a historically significant tattoo artist from Salford, England.

England's tattoo history is rich with many famed artists, many of whom carry on the tradition to this day. It's a tradition that is ever-expanding and growing in glorious and fascinating ways.

Cooper was known for his eccentric personality. #CashCooper #TattooArtist #Salford #SalfordEngland

Cooper broke that mold with a pulp magazine piece that investigated the "Adventures as a Skin Artist."

"In the Navy, they don’t have electric needles. An ordinary needle, with a beer-cork handle, is used to stab out the designs."

The pulp magazine that featured Cooper in their story "Adventures as a Skin Artist." #CashCooper #TattooArtist #Salford #SalfordEngland

Cooper and his friend Jack Zeek became so transfixed on tattoos that they decided to open up their own shop. They purchased a tiny piece of land with no running water or toilets, and began their tattooing dream.

Cooper moved to Salford to continue his tattooing exploits. #CashCooper #TattooArtist #Salford #SalfordEngland

Unfortunately, Cooper's shop was demolished in the 1970's, and with it a glut of tattoo history was erased. While many of his designs and physical records may have been eradicated, those lucky enough to have been tattooed by Cooper have their memories to hold on to, and he will forever live on in the pantheon of tattoo art history.

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