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Tattoo of the Day: Animal Tattoos

Tattoo of the Day: Animal Tattoos

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Pet portrait tattoos, wild animals, jungle cats and more for this selection of the days best tattoos.

For todays' selection of the best tattoos we decided to round up all the animals like we were trying to open a zoo for fantastic creatures only! Animal tattoos are pretty great, and we think there's a lot of reasons behind that super obvious statement, but we also really love how under the one name of "animal tattoos" so many diverse critters can exist. Between pet portraits and wild made up beings like the Alligator wizard below, it's always incredible to see how different artists depict the same thing.

The thing is animal tattoos can mean everything from a tattoo of someones favorite animal, their spirit animal, or their favorite cartoon character, like the Pink Panther. Animals have such a deep connection with humans; our lives are interconnected in so many ways. Whether you're getting a tattoo of your dearly beloved pug, or a tattoo of chicken wings, our lives would be so different without animals! This collection of tattoos is supposed to celebrate that and inspire you to think about your next animal tattoo.

We've gathered many artists work for this collection of animal tattoos, such as Oscar Akermo who does super detailed but nicely minimal work. His sparrows, seen here tattooed on a hand, are tiny but strong. They imbue a sense of grace and playfulness within the tattoo. Tattoodo ambassador Antony Flemming's piece of an elephant calls upon the tradition of using elephants not only as precious beings, but also of decorating them with jewelry for sacred events, creating a tattoo that fuses realism and neo-traditional luxury for a gorgeous piece that the wearer will enjoy for their entire lifetime. Wendy Pham, also a Tattoodo ambassador, always integrates her animal tattoos with her incredible and well-known Japanese style. Peonies perfectly frame the giraffe, and the animal even has a wonderful twinkle in it's eye which totally captures the giraffe's lively spirit.

Again, this collection of the days' best tattoos hopefully sparks your imagination and shows that no matter what you're envisioning for your next piece, Tattoodo can help. We hope you enjoy these awesome animal tattoos!

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