Tattoo of the Day Gets Some R & R with TV Tattoos

Tattoo of the Day Gets Some R & R with TV Tattoos

Sit back, turn on the tube, and relax with these seriously awesome TV tattoos.

There's nothing we like better than sitting on our couch, eating snacks and watching our favorite TV of course we had to do a collection of TV tattoos. These TV tattoos show off all our favorite characters with some seriously inventive Roberto Euán's Lady of Guadalupe who also happens to be Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers. Or how about Kegan Hawkins super realistic Rick from Rick and Morty? That sticky drool on his lip and the hazy alcohol induced hysteria sparkling within his eyes is beyond unbelievable! 

TV tattoos are inspiring because, as these pieces show, there are a million different styles and designs to choose from. Really great artists create TV tattoos by fusing the character, their personality, and a particular aesthetic perfectly within one image. Take Marco Bordi's portrait of Stranger Thing's most beloved character 11. It's dark, different, but you immediately know who it is. It's definitely indicative of Marco's style, but still keeps the characters integrity intact. Pikkapimingchen's super adorable and colorful piece fuses her ultra bubbly style with the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon! Two favorite TV show's combined! 

TV tattoos are popular because, thankfully, there are always more TV shows or more seasons being made. So after binge watching the last season of Rick and Morty in one sitting, you can cry about it being at least another year or two before we see another season, OR you could switch over to Game of Thrones...after all it has about a hundred seasons to keep you busy until we're blessed with more Rick and Morty. 

These TV tattoos will hopefully spark that deep seeded tattoo addiction we know you have (we have it too...) or at least maybe prove that there are always more TV shows out there...and therefore more TV tattoos to create! 

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