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Tattoo of the Day: Love at First Sight for Awesome Tattoos

Tattoo of the Day: Love at First Sight for Awesome Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

These best tattoos of today inspire true love.

For today's selection of our favorite tattoos we chose ones that sparked within us the fire of true love at first sight. From pet portraits, to incredible Japanese folkloric beasts by Bill Canales, to seriously beautiful job-stoppers and finger bangers, we think that these pieces really reflect the artistry that goes into tattooing. No matter what style you're interested in, traditional, trash polka, realism, you name it...we got it. We're here for you when you're looking for ink that breaks hearts

The world is full of amazing artists creating amazing works of art, and this goes for tattoos too, of course. Think about it: if a tattoo artist works 5 days a week and does only 3 tattoos a day thats 15 tattoos a week resulting in 780 tattoos in a year. If that artist works for 50 years that's 39,000 tattoos. Imagine being part of the living and breathing canvas that makes up an artists portfolio. This is exactly what you are doing when you get a tattoo. Not only are you carrying a beautiful piece of art with you wherever you go, but you're also a patron of the arts, so to speak, for your favorite artist. The collaborative aspect of tattooing, the idea that an artists work could not exist without the skin of someone else, is an inspiring notion.

This is what Tattoodo is all about: we are a community of tattoo lovers, artists, collectors, and more, who love the art of tattooing. Tattoo of the day is about bringing together our favorite pieces; everyones tastes and aesthetics are different so we try to give you traditional tattoos, Japanese tattoos, small tattoos, linework and dotwork tattoos, and everything in between. Cute tattoos, dark art tattoos, tattoos based on anime's or comic books, tattoos based on literature or film, portraits of imaginary people, or inspiring people: you can find them all on our site. And since hundreds of tattoos are created every day all over the world we're always keeping a look out for more.

Tattoodo is also here to not only help support the gold standard of tattooing, and share all the tattoos that are of the utmost quality, but we also help people in the community find the best artist to create the ink of their dreams. You can always count on us to direct you to the best tattoos and the most incredible artists. We hope this selection of tattoos helps prove that, and we thank you for being around to enjoy it!

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