Tattoo of the Day Transforms with Incredible Cover Up Tattoos

Tattoo of the Day Transforms with Incredible Cover Up Tattoos

Who says forever is forever? These cover up tattoos prove that forever can end under the right hand.

We've been asked often to collect some of the best examples of cover up tattoos, and we think this selection will help fill your needs. Spanning more than a few styles and aesthetics, these pieces prove that transformation is possible with ingenuity and care. Designing a cover up tattoo takes time and patience, and most artists prefer to do the work in person. This is usually the case so that the artist can see exactly what they have to cover and the space they have to work with since these aspects will directly influence the design. A good cover up tattoo will hardly be noticeable as a cover up...whatever the issue was, it will melt into the background to become less than a shadow of what it once was.

There are many reasons why people get cover up tattoos...we've been seeing magnificent mastectomy tattoos from people like Tattoodo Ambassadors Megan Massacre and Rose Hardy. In this collection we've pulled out a gorgeous piece by David Allen..these artists created pieces that, among many things, beautifully reclaim the body for the client and help support self-confidence. Tattoos are often a way that people take ownership of their body, and explore their personal difficulties; these pieces are no different.

Some cover up tattoos are for self-harm scars. These also help the client overcome past traumas, provide a sense of closure or help the client to come to terms with the physicality of depression. Although it takes time for scars to become fully healed, once they are, many artists like to be part of a clients healing process. Some artists have even started doing price reductions or pro bono work on people who need mastectomy or scar cover up tattoos.

We hope these pieces have shown that cover up tattoos are, indeed, a specialized art form all its own. These artists have helped in transforming their client through beautiful designs. If you'd like more information about cover up tattoos, artists who provide them, or if we can help in any other way, please hit us up! We always love to help our community when needed.

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