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Tattoo Seen — a Bronx Shop with One Hell of a History

Tattoo Seen — a Bronx Shop with One Hell of a History

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In this edition of our Tattoodo Guide to NYC Shops we’re off to a parlor that's been around since before body art was even legal.

Established in 1986 by world-famous graffiti artist and tattooist Richard “Seen” Mirando, Tattoo Seen (TS) is one of the oldest shops in NYC, predating legalization of the art form by over a decade. Both TS’s longevity and connection to the greater artistic landscape of the city make it one of the most fascinating shops to set foot in throughout the entire metropolitan area. 

The flash art filled main hallway in Tattoo Seen (IG— tattooseen). #flashart #NYCtattooshops #TattooSeen

Shop Overview

An old NYPD riot helmet with art by Keith Haring on it at Tattoo Seen (IG— tattooseen). #KeithHaring #NYCtattooshops #TattooSeen


When it comes to realistic body art, Ivan Muniz is TS's main man. He does black and grey tattoos that are on the darker end of the spectrum of light, and his work is notable for its incredible level of detail and strikingly lifelike qualities.

Alongside creating all sorts of awesome visual art, even toys, Den Ramos produces some killer tattoos. He's one of the shop’s most well-rounded artists. His traditional is fantastic, but he also does a bit of Japanese-inspired work as well.

Several other notable tattooists hang their hats at TS, including Mel Mullahey, Pete Vincents, and a wide array of visiting artists on occasion. 

The Nitty Gritty Details

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