Tattoo Stories: A Mountain Wedding

Tattoo Stories: A Mountain Wedding

This wedding adventure brings two people together who love tattoos, sports, and exploring almost as much as they love each other.

In this special installment of Tattoo Stories, we meet Germán and Vero whose wedding story is one of romance, adventure, and beauty.

Both interested in winter sports, each works as a teacher on some of the most well-known mountain destinations. “

Germán works during the autumn and winter as a snowboarding teacher in Sierra Nevada. Vero is one of the best ski teachers working in the great mountain of Granada.” And while they worked in the same area for years, they never met until one wonderful fateful day. When they happened to share a cable car up the slopes, sparks flew but they only shared sweet glances.

Thankfully, serendipitously, their paths crossed once more. “...the magic came back again, this time with more strength than ever. And they started to talk, to laugh together, to open up to each other and, finally, to get to know each other better.” Once they had decided to get married, they wanted to begin their committed life together in the most enchanting way as possible. So, they returned to the Sierra Nevada mountains to link their lives…

Do you have matching tattoos?

We do not have any matching tattoo, but we do not rule out making one soon!

When did you start getting tattooed?

Germán started getting tattoos at 16 and Verónica at 18 ... Germán likes the Japanese style and in the middle of his body has the story of a Japanese princess tattooed, while Verónica has "the women of my life "reflected in each one of her different tattoos.

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Who are your favorite artists?

Our favorite artists are Nuria Pinel, from the studio Amor De Madre, Guglielmo Pevarello from the Scarlet Skull Tattoo studio, and as for the best tattoo studio we are, without a doubt, with Zero Tattoo, where we can find a variety of professionals who respect and love the world of tattoos.

What is it like being tattooed in Granada?

It is increasingly normal to be tattooed in Granada. In our work, in the mountains, we have no problem because we are tattooed, but Veronica, apart from being a ski teacher, is also a pharmacist and, unfortunately, she can not have tattoos. Germán works in the summer driving test cars where he also has no problem having them. But, in general, although there are still people who do not accept them, little by little they are becoming more accepted

Do you have any plans after marriage? Honey moon? Kids? Anything you're excited about for the future?

Our plan is to buy a land where we have the mountain nearby and build a house, have our garden, a garden, many dogs and a child to teach snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and all the sports we both practice!!

The photos from your wedding are gorgeous! Who was involved?

Le Cocotet was our wedding planner. Carlos Lucca was the photographer, with Jose Botella creating the video. Our rings were made by Joyería Antuna. Vero's look was created by Rocio de BS Estilistas, Helen Gletz, and Otaduy and we had an incredible florist and decorator team, El Taller de la Flor working with Pack&Things.


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