Tattoo Tributes to Hagrid — the Gentle Giant from Harry Potter

Tattoo Tributes to Hagrid — the Gentle Giant from Harry Potter

If you find Hagrid as enchanting as we do, then you’re going to love all of these tattoos.

Welcome to Tattoodo's Harry Potter Week! We kicked things off by sorting all of our employees into houses, which went about as poorly as expected. Then we shined the spotlight on Harry himself, and then hit up the pure nightmare fuel that is the Dementors. We even questioned the ethics of owning a house elf, and that's just the beginning. Be sure to check back all week for a slew of Hogwarts-centric tattoos.

Of all the larger-than-life personalities in J.K. Rowling’s hit Harry Potter series, none of them are quite as big Hagrid — the half-wizard-half-giant who lives in a shack by Hogwarts’ notorious Forbidden Forest. Because of his massive physique, enthusiasm for enormous breasts, and kind-hearted nature, he’s become one of the most beloved figures in the franchise. In the books and film adaptations, he serves as a kind of father figure for Harry in the wake of his parents' death, providing advice and emotional support from the meager beginnings of Harry’s saga right up to the dramatic, lightning-filled end. All of these tattoos of the gentle giant demonstrate just how much he means to devotees.

Hagrid is one of the first characters that audiences encounter when venturing into the magical world of Harry Potter. In the opening chapter of the first novel, The Sorcerer’s Stone, he rescues Harry from the smoldering ruins of his parents’ home after they are murdered by the evil Voldemort. Famously, Hagrid sheds a few tears in this scene, revealing that he has a soft side for being such a tough looking guy. A decade later, he is tasked by Dumbledore with acting as a mentor for the young protagonist as he gains his bearings in the world of wizardry, thus planting the seed that grows into one of the most moving relationships in the series.

Eventually, it is revealed that Hagrid’s a member of the mysterious Order of the Phoenix and his backstory connects with the secrets of Harry’s complicated past. In one particularly memorable scene from The Deathly Hallows, Hagrid is seen carrying Harry’s seemingly lifeless body out of the forest, perfectly mirroring the first time we see him carrying the wizard as an infant. You can see the pain in Hagrid’s eyes as he holds his pseudo-son in his arms, still standing tall but completely heartbroken. This mixture of invincibility and vulnerability is undoubtedly what draws so many fans to him. Harry says it best in this line from The Chamber of Secrets: “There’s no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid.”

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