Tattoo Tributes to the Ultimate Warrior

Tattoo Tributes to the Ultimate Warrior

The Warrior spirit lives on in these tattoo tributes to the Ultimate Warrior.

As one of the biggest names synonymous with wrestling, the wrestling world was shaken with the untimely death of the Ultimate Warrior in 2014. 

He was born James Brian Hellwig and wrestled as The Ultimate Warrior in the then WWF and as The Warrior in WCW. In 1993 he legally changed his name to Warrior, with his wife and children using Warrior as their surname.  

After fans were treated to three days of WWE appearances across the WrestleMania weekend, including his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, Warrior collapsed and passed away at age 54. 

The wrestling community is like one big family, so when one of our heroes passes there's no bigger honor and showing of respect than a tribute tattoo. 

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