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Tattoodo City Guides: Austin, Texas, USA

Tattoodo City Guides: Austin, Texas, USA

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Keep Austin Weird, y'all.

WELCOME to Tattoodo Travel Guides, where we take you through THE MOST MAGICAL experiences you can have in a city anywhere in the world.

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As all Texas natives know, Austin is and always will be the absolute best. The cultural epicenter of the Lone Star State, Austin is the hub of Texas’ magnificent culture. With a history as rich and diverse as its community, Austin is one of those destinations that you have to go to at some point in your life, a mecca of sorts. So whether it be for the music, food, or general awesomeness, we’ve got you covered on your next trip to ATX.


1. Golden Age Tattoo: Home to some of the most talented artists Austin has to offer, this quaint gallery inspired shop’s main appeal is its’ versatility. With everything from neo-traditional, line work, and even some traditional offerings, Golden Age is everything you could possibly hope for in a shop.

2. Affinity Tattoo and Piercing: Located on Austin’s infamous 6th Street, Affinity Tattoo and Piercing is another great place to go for neo-traditional, traditional, and the occasional Irezumi inspired piece. Boasting seven talented artists as well as a piercing studio, it’s essentially your one-stop-shop.

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3. Resurrection Tattoo: Established in 2005, Resurrection Tattoo is a relative newcomer to the Austin tattoo scene, albeit a totally talented newcomer. Located on South Lamar, it’s hard to believe that only five artists can possess the amount of talent and diversity that Resurrection holds in its tiny walls. American traditional, realism, and Japanese inspired tattoos are what makes this place a stand out.


East Side King feast (via IG-eastsideking) #austintexas #austin #atx #texas #CityGuides #asianfusion #food #restaurant

1. East Side King: There are very few restaurants that incite three food trucks, and two brick and mortar restaurants. There are even fewer that make us say, “I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life and be happy.” East Side King is one of those places. The side project of  Paul Qui (winner of Top Chef Texas 2012) and Moto Utsunomiya, ESK is best described as asian fusion. Try the brussels sprout salad. It’s life changing.

Pollito Relleno from Caribe (via #austintexas #austin #atx #texas #CityGuides #texmex #mexican #food #restaurant

2. El Caribe: It wouldn’t be a trip to Texas if you didn’t partake in some of the best Mexican food this side of the border, and El Caribe is it. Located on North Lamar, this quaint eatery is authentic as you can get. Try the chile rellenos, and whatever you do, don’t forget the chips and guacamole. For dessert? The sopapillas. Welcome to Texas, y’all.

3. La Barbecue: All across the south, barbecue varies from state to state. In Tennessee it’s all about the dry rub and sweet and tangy sauce, in the Carolinas they like vinegar based marinades, and in Texas it’s cowboy style. Slightly tangy, smoky, and a little spicy Texas style barbecue is king, and La Barbecue is the place to go. A tiny food truck located on East Cesar Chavez St., ribs, sausage, brisket, pulled pork, you name it La Barbecue has it, until they sell out of course. Pro tip: There’s free beer Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays as long as you present your ID.


"The Color Inside": The James Turrell Skyspace at The University of Texas (via #austintexas #austin #atx #texas #CityGuides #jamesturrell #art #fineart #lightshow

1. UT James Turrell Sky SpaceIn short, the James Turrell Skyspace at the University of Texas is a hole in the ceiling. Literally. Located atop the student activities center, the art installation is open to the public, but the show doesn’t start until sundown (or sunrise if you’re a morning person). The beauty of this exhibit isn’t easily translatable, but stay for the light show, and you’re in for a real treat. Built of white limestone walls with an oval shaped hole in the ceiling so as to see the sky overhead, the walls are lined with LED lights that are timed to contrast the rising or setting sun, affecting how the viewer sees the sky. Best part? It’s free.

2. Hamilton Pool: Just outside of Austin, TX in a town called Dripping Springs lies Hamilton Pool. A natural wonder, the pool is actually a collapsed underground grotto, that finally gave way after hundreds of years of erosion. You’ll need a car to get here, but helpful hint: the pool tends to fill up fast, so get there early. The park opens at 9:00 am.

3. The Longhorn Caverns: Another natural wonder, The Longhorn Caverns are a series of caverns and tunnels that were created by an underground river that receded thousands of years ago. Initially used by native americans, outlaws, and Confederate soldiers as a secret tunnel system, the caverns are now open to walking tours.


Cheer Up Charlie's (via #austintexas #austin #atx #texas #CityGuides #bars #nightlife #alcohol #queer #gay

1. Cheer Up Charlie’s: Ok, so Cheer Up Charlie’s isn’t exactly off the beaten path, but it’s one of the best bars in Austin. A hybrid indoor/outdoor bar, CUC is a queer bar that features nightly performances against the backdrop of a limestone wall, and hosts some of the best food trucks in Austin.

Small Victory by Robert J. Lerma (via #austintexas #austin #atx #texas #CityGuides #bars #nightlife #alcohol #speakeasy #cocktail

2. Small Victory: A small speakeasy inspired bar with inspired cocktails and a few small bites to eat. This is the place to go for a smaller, more intimate night out.

3. Buddy’s Place: The quaintest shit hole of a dive bar, Buddy’s Place is just about as Texas as you can get, and it’s wonderful. With a dingy sign, wood panelling, and various beer logos and Christmas lights unseasonably dangling from every corner, Buddy’s Place is a true night out in Texas if there ever was one. Cheaper than cheap, a pool table, and a country jukebox, what more could you want?

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We hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the Lone Star State. It’s true what they say about Texas, you know, once you’ve experienced it, nothing will ever quite compare. And as as Davy Crockett once said, “you may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”

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