Tattooed and Takin' It To The Streets

Tattooed and Takin' It To The Streets

We talked to a few folks in New York City about the stories behind their tattoos.

Sometimes tattoos are meaningful, sometimes they're fun, and sometimes they're just downright weird, but regardless of the intent behind them, nearly every tattoo has some sort of story that goes with it. Here are just a few.

Leah S.

"This tattoo I got a couple years ago, it was on a flash sale which was awesome, so it only cost $20, which I was psyched about. But it's the coordinate points, the latitude and longitude, of the house I grew up in, and my parents still live there now. This is home base sort of, if I'm ever gonna go home, this is the place that I'll go to. It's just a nice little reminder. My family and I are pretty close." 

Athena G. 

"I got my name when I was 18 years old. It was my first tattoo, and I thought I was grown and I felt like being rebellious. It was so bad. I remember the tattoo artist had to numb my back because I was in so much pain, and I said, 'oh, I will never get another tattoo. It's so painful, I don't want to do it,' but two months later I got the lotus flower added to my back. Now 11 tattoos later I'm kind of addicted." 

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Sarah M.

"I love that it looks like my art because I do art, too. I got it from a guy in Williamsburg, which was a really fun experience. I just love meeting new people and getting tattoos and seeing different art styles. I always draw girls with their eyes closed, and I really liked his style, but I'm really weird about getting my own art tattooed on me. So this is kind of a way to do that without getting my own art tattooed on me." 

Leah T.

"This is a tattoo of my side project's logo — BBQ Films. We throw immersive movie parties and cinematic events. This was actually done at one of our events. We threw a Fast & Furious party. I didn't dress as Vin Diesel, but I went to the mermaid parade as Finn Diesel with like a shark fin. - Leah T. 

This is just the first edition of Tattooed and Takin' It to the Streets, be sure to check back often to hear the tales behind the tattoos of the ordinary folks that make up our vibrant community.  

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