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Tattooed and Takin' It To The Streets: Lafayette Street, SoHo

Tattooed and Takin' It To The Streets: Lafayette Street, SoHo

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The streets of New York are filled with some of the most interesting tattoo stories.

Lafayette Street in SoHo is one of the busiest in lower Manhattan, constantly buzzing with fashionistas, people heading to work, and hoards of tourists just looking for that perfect New York Instagram photo.

"The wolf represents me and the feathers represent my daughter, my dad, and my mom. It's a dream catcher, so it's all our dreams caught up into one." - Eddie Q.

"I got this tattoo with my best friend. We've been together since high school, and she's the only one I'm still in touch with. The model for our school was 'veritas,' which means truth. So it's just a reminder to always keep it real and be honest and open." - Kelsey V.

"My sleeve has multiple stories. I have a baby inside the womb — it represents life. And then I have a clock with wings, which is basically time will tell. Time will tell anything. Time will tell where you gotta be, where you're gonna go. And then I have a good luck hand over here... they've all got meanings." - Philippe J.

"The tattoo has a compass with coordinates around it that are the coordinates to my home address in Germany." - Denden G.

"My back — I'm a hardcore gamer, like, I grew up playing Nintendo. So I wanted to do something that relates to that, just me playing video games. My neck is urban. It's Coney Island and then New York. I put that together with barbed wires, and created like an urban theme. I'm urban. I'm from New York, so that's basically the story behind it." - Deshaun J. 

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Written byAlex Wikoff

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